*Our New 2020 EBDL Classic Sweatshirt* JUST RESTOCKED!


The NEW 2020 Sweater Is Here!

The NEW 2020 Cuddle Sweater came early this year!

Not all OVER-THE-HEAD Hoodies are created equal. This is a great way to support your local nonprofit and show yourself love. The NEW exclusive 2020 Sweater Season Collection is styled for today’s modern ‘I stay at home most of time time or run errands’ fitting lifestyle. A loose cut around the arms and chest compliments the body and will give it all the space it needs to exsist as it’s beautiful self. This sweater comes in 2 colors that will make you feel confident. The hood is designed to provide peace-of-mind, personal boundaries, comfort and warmth. This is truly a perfect style for the 2020 comfort conscious fashion enthusiast.

Thank you for your donation!

Please share your photos with us on social media @everybodydeserveslove_!


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