The primary goal of a nonprofit internship program is to provide practical work experience to students and upcoming graduates. The program also aims to develop the interns’ professional skills, such as teamwork, communication, and time management. The secondary goal of a nonprofit internship program is to support the mission and goals of the organization.

Primary Roles:

-Manage social media campaigns

-Work to recruit and support volunteers for fundraising events (volunteer outreach)

-Create & share requests for funding

-Create & share press releases

Secondary Roles:

-Social media community building

-Writing blogs and articles

-Volunteering at events

-Develop resource banks for our youth program & those in need of mindfulness worksheets & creative exercises.

5th Annual EBDL Beach Party Fundraiser Event

The seven-week program includes a project in each week with a final project to prepare a video and Canva presentation showcasing your testimony, achievements, and growth during the internship.

Here is a brief outline of the program. More detail will be found in the Internship Program Curriculum.

Week 1: Learn about EBDL’s mission, values, and policies. Research similar organizations and report back with ideas on how EBDL can improve.

Week 2: Manage social media and event calendar and lead a social media campaign.

Week 3: Schedule and recruit volunteers with a volunteer recruitment campaign and blog article of empowerment through volunteering and donation.

Week 4: Grant writing and fundraising requests via email, cold-calling and preparing a grant proposal or sponsorship letter.

Week 5: Create and share press releases about the organization’s programs and mission. Distribute the press releases to the media.

Week 6: Creating a digital online resource. Manage the digital assets including communications, resources, worksheets, and guides.

Week 7: Wrap up and Testimony. Reflect on your journey with a questionnaire and exit interview. Prepare a presentation to show your growth during the internship program.

Apply for the 2023-2024 Internship Program by emailing your resumé and cover letter to founder Alexa Phelece. [email protected]