Every BODY Deserves LOVE
is a nonprofit organization that finds
innovative ways to encourage
men, women, and children to understand
they are worthy of loving themselves.

We believe that when we combine the conversation of self-love
and the practical application of self-lovery we can improve mental wellness and quality of life for all of our members.

By providing a safe space for youth at our program The Body Love Club,
hosting body positive events, like our famous annual Body Love Beach Day,
and by engaging with our online community; we have been able
to help thousands of our EBDL family members on their self-love journey.

Our vision is a world where the resources for higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and mental health services
are accessible and inclusive for everyone. Our story began with Alexa Phelece and other self-love activist who met online.
We received our first celebrity enforcement in 2018 by world’s favorite Plus Size Supermodel, Ashley Graham.
To know more about how we serve our community check out our social media pages!



Leadership – Discipline – Boundaries – Empowerment


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