And just like that…. Spring is coming to a close! Enjoy the sproutlings of the beautiful seeds you have planted. No matter how small the sprout, every little bit of loving  energy will lead to growth. Continue to celebrate all your growth my courageous Self-love Warriors! 

Think back for a moment with me when you were a child. Hopefully you were encouraged whether at home, in school, or within extra-curricular activities,  to use your IMAGINATIONS but as adults we drop the ball! Somewhere in our young adult lives we began to lose that beautiful and valuable skill. We become hyper focused on growing up and leaving what we considered “childish” behaviors and practices behind. What a darn shame! Who decided that engaging with your imagination and creativity was only for children?!  Visualization is a way for us to tap into that inherent power of imagination that made us feel limitless and powerful as children. That beautiful feeling that anything and everything is possible!

We can say with proof that Visualization is an amazing manifestation tool whether you hope to bring love, healing, or happiness into your life! If you visualize yourself with a sad lens, I bet you will feel sad. The same goes for all the pictures we paint in our minds of ourselves and our experiences. Through the tool of visualization, We are able to harness our own creative energy, strength, power, and confidence to feel what we hope to feel.  

Allow me to guide you through a simple yet mighty self-love boosting exercise using the 5 steps below. We will be drawing from your own self-image and from the ways you perceive people within your community. 

  • Step 1 Think of someone in your life and that is a part of your community that you admire, look up to, or would wanna be like.
  • Step 2 Think of the qualities they have that you love. Why do you feel this way about them? Why are they so great? What do they do that you love? 
  • Step 3 List these attributes and characteristics that you want to incorporate into your life. 
  • Step 4 Close your eyes and visualize yourself having these attributes and characteristics yourself. 
  • Step 5 Make note of how it makes you feel. Everyday choose another quality off of that list and incorporate it into your own routine. 

Take a photo of that list and send it to us here [email protected]. We want to say congrats! You’ve now tapped back into the beautiful practice of using your imagination and powers of visualization! Now that you have this, use it. Tell your friends about it. 

This is a life skill we offer during our EBDL program and events. We are hosting our 4th Annual Every Body Deserves Love Beach Party on June 5th and you will find us working on some of those program activities. Check out the link below for more info on joining all the fun and join a community of people looking to learn more about how to love and care for themselves and others!

XX Alexa 

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