Meet the Family

Founder, Alexa Phelece is a passionate millennial that believes in the power of mental health education. She is a model, social media influencer, philanthropist, and a self-love junkie! EBDL is her life line and main purpose. Every Body Deserves Love really came to life after she was discovered on Instagram by supermodel, Ashley Graham and the CBS Celebrity Undercover Boss Team!

She personally struggled with her own journey through self-love and understands the importance of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem in order to reach your full potential in life.

She believes that through the process of body acceptance and loving yourself, unconditionally, opens the doors to a healthy mind and body. With her education in mental health psychology and her own personal experiences, she hopes to encourage others to accept and love themselves.

With your help, she strives to bring awareness to the fact that every BODY deserves LOVE.
Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia has been a loyal and active member of the EBDL family since it began as a social movement.  He is now the CFO of the organization and deeply cares about the success of it’s goals. Joe Garcia was a business consultant for many years and has helped hundreds of business owners across California to scale and become more efficient. Joe was introduced to the non-profit sector when he began to work for a Youth Football Program. He started as a coach and climbed the ladder to Vice President and eventually the President of the organization. During his time there, Joe and his staff conducted program evaluations to continue their efforts in supporting the youth and their families. Joe left the Inland Empire after suffering from major health issues and the divorce of his wife. After going through a full life transformation, he now understands the importance of self-esteem and the resources that need to be offered to our youth. Joe is always trying to better today’s youth in all aspects of life. He wants all youth to feel confident and safe in their skin.

Joe feels that self-love should be implemented into every day life. EBDL is a way of life that has supported his success and recovery.

Bridget Reilly

Prior to Every Body Deserves Love, Bridget Reilly owned and operated the Royal Tea and Treatery as well as the Bitemarket. Both businesses were dedicated gluten free and dairy free establishments passionate about providing safe and delicious food and beverages to the public. During this time, Bridget Reilly participated in various chef competitions, food demonstrations and exposition events. She has won awards in Orange Coast Magazine, Chocolate – the Event and at the OC Tastefest.
Before striking out on her own as a entrepreneur, Bridget Reilly worked for 11 years at the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center. While her main focus was with teen parents as the Program Manager in the Teen Voices/Teen Choices and Welcome Baby programs, she later became Program Supervisor for Court Order Monitored Visitation and Relative Caregiver Support projects.
After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Bridget Reilly volunteered for 2 years at Sojourn, a battered women’s shelter in Santa Monica, facilitating battered women support groups. Bridget Reilly lives in Newport Beach with her husband and son. She is currently working on her trainer’s certification in the Mind Based Stress Reduction program in Santa Monica and hopes to implement the core principles of mindfulness and meditation into the California school system.

Esmeralda Uribe

Esmeralda Uribe is an amazing Song Writer who joined EBDL at a point in her life where she was ready to start loving herself and improving her health and wellness.The involvement she has had with the organization has been highly engaging and because of that she has also become a student to the Mission behind Every Body Deserves love. EBDL has been a successful guide through her Self-Love journey, thanks to her amazing connection. Esmeralda is now living proof that Every Body Deserves Love is effective. When she is not helping EBDL with all things social, she goes by the name of E$MONEY. E$MONEY creates music for a greater cause.  Esmeralda enjoys spreading positive awareness through waves of tempo for those who are willing to listen. She is passionate about helping others and being a mentor to those who are ready to understand the importance of self improvement.
Esmeralda’s career path revolves around the social web and because of her interest in the social platforms she has guided and will continue to guide the social media presence of Every Body Deserves Love contributing and monitoring our mission. She hopes to bring Self awareness to EVERY BODY including YOU.

Chelsea Delphin

Chelsea Delphin is a Certified Wedding & Event Planner by California Polytechnic University, Pomona as of 2013. She has several years of experience in both fields as well as being a full time Model in Los Angeles. Her passions began with Wedding & Event Planning and has grown into an additional passion for positivity and self love.

Chelsea has been a visible and active member since the very beginning of EBDL after having met Alexa in 2016 and falling in love with the ideas and visions our founder had for this life changing organization.
She loves to help Events find success and recognition through her specialty in organization and logistics!  Chelsea has assisted the EBDL team in organizing many of the past successful Events and looks forward to the expansion and upcoming programs that  EBDL has in store for the local youth!
She is deeply invested in the idea of love, positivity and body love while spreading that to as many people as possible. She strongly believes in the movement and is exhilarated to assist in the growth and developments  ahead of this incredible organization in the upcoming years.


Here is a brief video to explain what we are all about. #EBDL

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Alexa Phelece, the founder of EBDL, was a special guest on the DailyBurn show in Manhattan, New York. Listen as she shares her personal testimony and her inspiration behind Every Body Deserves Love with the DailyBurn host, JD Roberto, and their 2.5 million members.