Meet the Founder

Alexa Phelece is a passionate millennial that think self-love is the answer to most problems in life. She personally struggled with her own journey through self-love and understands the importance of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem in order to reach your full potential in life.

She believes that loving yourself, unconditionally, opens the doors to a healthy mind and body. With her education in mental health psychology and her own personal experience, she hopes to encourage others to accept and love themselves.

With your help, she strives to bring awareness to the fact that every BODY deserves LOVE.

Here is a brief video to explain what we are all about. #EBDL

Specially Featured on WorldWIde Fitness Channel | The Daily burn

Alexa Phelece, the founder of EBDL, was a special guest on the DailyBurn show in Manhattan, New York. Listen as she shares her personal testimony and her inspiration behind Every Body Deserves Love with the DailyBurn host, JD Roberto, and their 2.5 million members.