The Body Love Club

By Every Body Deserves Love, Inc.

A rewarding and educational school assembly and mentorship program for youth. Our curriculum educates kids on how self-love, body-positivity, and the EBDL Community Culture fosters a positive state of mind, builds self-esteem, and healthy body image. Please contact Program Director; Alexa Phelece for pricing., or 714-904-3288

6-Week After-School Program

Our staff will come after school, 1 day a week, for 3 hours and work intimately with up to 36 kids.

  1. 36 Kids
  2. Two Employees
  3. One Volunteer

Students will receive handouts, supplies for activities, snacks and EBDL Club Swag

  1. Self Love Letter – Positive Self Talk/Language Development
  2. Body Movement – Physical Health
  3. I Am Statements – Affirmations and Personal Development
  4. Food is Fuel – Healthy Eating Habits
  5. Social Service – Community Building and Relationships
  6. EBDL Dance

“All-Day” Assembly

No handouts, some EBDL Club Giveaways

Scheduling of multiple assemblies based on student needs

Single Assembly-Workshop

No handouts or EBDL Club Giveaways

We also provide online community membership and access to monthly all-ages free events.

Cultivating self-love and body positivity in people of all ages, sizes, shapes, genders, religion and creed.