I have so many jumbled thoughts on a topic that many people dont like to discuss. It may make some uncomfortable. But the truth is, it’s way more common than most like to acknowledge.


   It happens to every race. It happens no matter your religion. It happens to all ages. It doesnt matter if you are a woman OR a man….a child….sister, uncle, grandfather, wife, boyfriend, teacher, nurse, CEO. It doesnt matter. Chances are real good that you know someone who has been or is affected.
   Personally, i have been through 2 separate abusive relationships. One with the biological father of my oldest daughter. And one with my ex husband of 16 years. 2 people who should have in the least, had enough respect to treat me and my daughters properly.  Instead, their behavior and words created a hell.  I was also a victim of rape while pregnant.
   Not only for me, but for my oldest daughter, the worst thing about abusive behavior, is that its a pattern. It becomes conditioned behavior. It becomes the victims’ normal. And it’s destruction lasts much much longer than any bruise or stitches or physical scar. It took my confidence away. Made me feel unworthy. I felt i had no value. Like i was a nothing. And no one else would ever want someone like me.
 Yes, i have struggled financially. But the best thing i have EVER done for myself and my 18 and 24 year old daughters…..was to leave an unhealthy marriage. Eventually, i was strong enough to say i have had enough. The girls deserve better. I DESERVE BETTER. I need to love myself enough to be the positive role model for them.
   So, if you are in a negative or even dangerous situation……please, know that you DO deserve better. You are a wonderful person. You deserve love and respect. Your worth is far greater than accepting destructive behavior as being normal. Its not your fault. You are loved and you are enough.
If you need someone to talk to, i am just a message away.
Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of my story.
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