Teaching Self Confidence to Teens

By; Jameelae Boston

Let’s face it teens go through a lot! Crazy things that range from trying to make new friends to impressing the ones they have, body changes, entering middle school, and changing as a person for some teens. Going through this could cause some teens to lose confidence in themselves and could also

High school students in the hallway.

lower their self-esteem.

In an article done by Reachout.com it talks about how teens could lose themselves going through these changes. It also talks about confidence is important to teens. It gives parents a list of symptoms of teens having low self-confidence. One symptom that is on the list is being shy or timid. It is important to try to encourage teens to come out of their shell a bit and have confidence in themselves.

Another sign that was on the list was an awkwardness in accepting praise. This means that the teenager may not believe in themselves. This also goes along with holding back in class. Education is very important at a young age, it is important that teens get the education they need and helping them with confidence could possibly help their grades as well. As I stated before try to encourage your teen or any teen for that matter to be confident, embrace themselves, believe in themselves, and that they are worth it!

The article also listed signs that showed teens did have self-confidence. One trait on the list was an openness to criticism and feedback. This means the teen is confident in what they are doing and has confidence in their work and themselves. Another one is good posture, good posture is a sign of feeling confidence in oneself. It shows that person is strong, posture is a nonverbal form of communication so when a person sees that someone else has great posture it say

s a lot about them. Good posture also shows leadership and that you are not afraid to take charge!

I also feel that the group of friends that you have around you is very important in self-confidence. In middle school I had no confidence in myself at all and I strongly believe that part of that reason was because of who I was letting into my life. It is very important that you watch who you let into your life because not everyo

ne has what is best for you in mind, and not everyone could have good intentions.


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