It’s me Emily and I am beautiful just like you. Living across the road from the beach on the coast of Australia I was petrified to wear a bikini or anything that showed the body I was trying so hard to hide. I was constantly struggling with self confidence, which made me not only hate my body, but hated where I lived. The place that was supposed to be my comfort became my biggest fear. I felt either my personality needed to be buried or I had to over compensate because of my body. I was always obsessed over diets and not being able to loose weight.

Growing up I wanted to act until I went to my first audition and was told there were no roles for big AND beautiful actresses. This I heard again and again. These words made me look in the mirror and analyze every detail that I thought WAS WRONG. Telling myself I was wrong for being over weight. So I tried so desperately to fit this ‘mold’ the RIGHT mold, so I could achieve my dream. The entertainment industry is still struggling to expand these molds and expectations. But with the identity of beauty changing we can make a difference to how our friends, neighbors, family and children look in the mirror.

#EveryBODYdeservesLOVE is a movement that has helped me accept, express and radiate my individuality and the beauty that is my heart and soul. My body was built to be strong and powerful instead of the poison I was seeing. This movement is about finding that light we all have inside of us and being unapologetically YOURSELF! So put your thing down, flip it and reverse it!! #slay #workit #ownit #neverfullydressedwithoutasmile

– Emily Baylee
IG: msem_ily

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