The Very First Time by: Alexia Maxis

A year from now, I would never imagine myself near a beach let alone caught dead in a bikini. I used to think I was too “big” or not slim enough to rock one of those two pieces. I’ve always seen other curvy girls rock them and look amazing but I also thought to myself that they’re are so confident to rock the skin their in and I’m not.

The day I went to the shoot for @cutethickapparel was the very first time I ever wore a bikini. Surrounded by beautiful ladies that were shaped just like me gave me the confidence and courage I needed to get through the shoot. No one was aware at the time but I was probably the least confident and most self-conscious one out there amongst the four other girls.

I learned that day through all the encouraging words and messages of inspiration that I have to love me for me or no one else will. I’m just as worthy of any opportunity as any one else. No matter my shape or size I’m beautiful and deserved to be looked at as equal to any other person.

So whether a bikini, a shirt, or a dress I need to simply own what I have and let it be the one thing I carry with me everywhere to inspire. “Just an ordinary girl beautiful beyond her size that impacts many through how they view through their eyes.” #EveryBodyDeservesLove

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